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Plastic silverware utensils including spoons, forks, and knives.


Strong durable plastic bottles made with nano Cellulose + PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) composite material.

Plates & Cups

Plastic plates and cups in different varieties of shapes and sizes.


Plant-based, biodegradable coats to enhance existing products such as paper cups, straws, and more...

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Biodegradable, non-petroleum bottles

We manufacture fully biodegradable bioplastic bottles, but we make sure to maintain the great quality of traditional bottles we see everyday. Now, our formula can used to deliver quality products, responsibly.

100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Material

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Quality Durability, Thermal Capacity, and Longevity

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Cosmetic Products

Resins & Biochemicals

Coating Solutions

Case Study: Paper Straws

If you ask anyone, nobody likes the paper straws that dissolve and break-apart after 5 minutes of use. Our plant-based, non-toxic coating solution solves this, by applying the needed water resistance paper products need to ensure durability, biodegradability, and user satisfaction.

Biomass Resin Coating Solution

This fully biodegradable coating solution can be used to coat various items for water proofing and durability strengthening.

Case Study: Paper Straws

Here, we coat paper straws in our Biomass or PLA coating solution. This adds the needed water resistance paper straws need to maintain longevity and integrity while being used.

Longer Use, Increased Integrity

After 30 minutes of water submersion, paper straws lose their needed integrity and fall apart. Our coating solution solves this problem.


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Biosakura, a Green Science Alliance Co. Ltd. (Fuji Pigment USA Inc. Group Company). Based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts providing solutions to today's toughest environmental challenges.

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